Radiocentre Ireland

Chief Executive Officer – Job Advertisement

What is Radiocentre Ireland?
A new industry body, Radiocentre Ireland, is being established to promote our indigenous radio sector with the
aim of achieving growth in advertising investment on Irish radio. Primarily a business-to-business focus, the
purpose of this new body, made up of industry leaders, is to:

  • Grow the share of radio in the overall commercial marketing environment and seek to make the medium an essential choice for advertisers and marketeers
  • Establish reliable information about the value and scale of the radio market in Ireland and source, maintain and provide a trusted source of ongoing information about the size and value of the Irish radio market
  • Use research to demonstrate the value, effectiveness; flexibility and impact of radio and provide relevant case studies to advertising agencies; marketeers and direct clients
  • Ensure that measurement tools used in relation to radio are effective in representing the strength and impact of radio and toward that end represent the position of the membership of the organisation in appropriate contexts, for example the JNLR Management Committee
  • Improve standards of understanding and awareness of the scope and impact of radio and its benefits as a marketing medium, undertaking
    • Events to highlight relevant research relevant to agencies; advertisers; direct clients
    • Sourcing endorsements from clients and customers; users and opinion formers in the Marketing area
    • Highlighting best practice, innovation, and effectiveness
  • To ensure that radio practitioners can respond, adapt, and adjust to the changing needs of the market in Ireland, undertake training and education initiatives to improve levels of practical skills, creativity, and innovation
  • Seek to attract new talent into the industry and undertake initiatives to foster and develop interest in radio and careers in the commercial aspect of the medium through targeting activity at Schools, Colleges and Training organisations
  • Where appropriate, represent an agreed position of Radiocentre Stakeholders in relation to legislation/regulatory instruments in relation to commercial activity that potentially impacts the commercial operation of member organisations and to represent the interests of members where activities of other organisations impact on the operation, viability, and sustainability of the sector

CEO Radiocentre Ireland – The Role
Radiocentre is seeking a hands-on, energetic executive with the experience, industry credibility and thought
leadership to be the ambassador for the radio sector in Ireland.
The successful candidate will interact regularly at senior level on Radiocentre’s behalf with industry bodies,
regulators, commercial media agencies and advertisers
The CEO will be responsible for implementing the vision for Radiocentre while defining its priorities and
setting and delivering on objectives, a major focus being the growth of advertising revenues across the market.
They will have the gravitas to drive strategy, and the diplomatic skills to align a diverse membership group with
the common purpose of promoting and growing Irish radio across all platforms.
There are several key stakeholder relationships that the individual will be required to manage including;

  • Radiocentre Board
  • Advertising Agencies – both creative and media
  • Radio Sales Houses and advertising teams in Local and National Stations
  • Industry bodies and regulators such as IAPI, IBI, BAI, JNLR, Learning Waves and other media representative bodies

This role reports to the Radiocentre Board.